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Heal Yourself Unveiling Your Hidden Heritage

Transgenerational Therapy and the Wisdom of the Age
Translated from the French edition : "Intégrer ses héritages transgénérationnels" We are linked to our ancestors like trees attached to their roots. Their qualities and their DNA live in us, just like their uncompleted stories do. Indeed, traumas, unfinished mourning, family secrets and conflicts reverberate from generation to generation, shaping the lives of the descendants. However, and ...

Shamanism, Ancestors and Transgenerational Integration

Traditionnal Wisdom and Contemporary Practices
Translated from the French edition : "Chamanisme, rapport aux ancêtres et intégration transgénérationnelle" The Ancients already knew the therapeutic potential of the family links between generations that we rediscover in modern transgenerational analysis. Far from being a new fashion, the recognition of transgenerational processes dates back to the first shamanic type of communities. Thei ...

Self Awareness Daybook

This booklet was meant to support self-awareness. It contains no ideology, everyone can use it in his own way. Writing down objective and subjective observations, personal notes, can contribute to self-awareness development.

Rooted in the Present

The Emergence of the Self
Back cover page: At birth, we unconsciously inherit unfinished stories of our parents, our ancestors and our society. Like open circuits, the charges of this heritage influence our lives for we cannot cut ourselves off from our roots without losing an essential part of ourselves. These histories replay themselves in some of the difficulties we encounter in our own lives, often programming ...

Œdipus Reborn

Ancient Traditions and Transgenerational Perspectives 2014 Second edition
Back cover page: Behind appearances, the masterpieces of mythology contain precious secrets. In their work, the authors include timeless messages addressed to History and to all mankind. So it is with the plays which Sophocles devoted to Oedipus more than 2400 years ago, which are still performed today. Their enduring presence testifies to the learning they contain which is no less worthy ...