About Genesis

Genesis editions is a specialized editing compagny taking over ECODITION (2011-2020) with the ambition (and above all the means) to become the largest publishing house in Switzerland. We were expecting around 2’500 publications per year, enough to make the biggest Swiss pharmaceutical companies pale in comparison of sales turnover  You can even benefit from our juicy profits by acquiring shares in our company, which will soon be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Our goal is to race to the top head, yours, not ours …

For the rest,

We use Print On Demand (POD) technologies (with lulu for english books) to ensure lowest ecological impact.

We offer you the possibility to order our books directly from the bookshop of our printer-supplier (without intermediaries – responsible purchasing). But you are free to use the chain of intermediaries (post offices, distributors and retailers – to the detriment of authors) and to order from retailers and booksellers…

Our books are referenced on ELECTRE, and distributed in bookshops by SODIS for the French-speaking regions, by BUCHZENTRUM for Switzerland and Ingram for English-speaking regions.

Genesis editions uses print-on-demand services of www.lulu.com for english books and www.bod.fr for French books.