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Heal Yourself Unveiling Your Hidden Heritage
Transgenerational Therapy and the Wisdom of the Age

By Tony T. Gaillard
(180 pages , Ecodition 2019 , ISBN 9782940540259)
Format : A5
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This book summarizes twenty years of practices and research

This book is intended for both professionals and all those who wish to learn more about transgenerational integration. It is the English translation of my French book, “Intégrer ses héritages transgénérationnels”, that summarizes twenty years of practices and research that I have presented in other more extensive French books. The purpose of this book is twofold: it aims to make readers more aware of the importance of transgenerational issues, and it presents a new approach that I have called “Transgenerational Integration.”

Translated from the French edition :
"Intégrer ses héritages transgénérationnels"

We are linked to our ancestors like trees attached to their roots. Their qualities and their DNA live in us, just like their uncompleted stories do. Indeed, traumas, unfinished mourning, family secrets and conflicts reverberate from generation to generation, shaping the lives of the descendants.

However, and despite the influences of these transgenerational inheritances, the author reminds us that we are not a simple product of our past, nor just the fruit of our family tree. We can integrate our hidden heritage instead of having them unconsciously driving our lives. We can also rewrite the false or missing parts of our genealogy. With many illustrations the author shows how analyzing our ancestors’ lives helps to understand problematic conditions, and heals all kinds of symptoms. Goethe already explained: What we have received from our ancestors, we must assimilate until it becomes a part of ourselves if we want it to be an enrichment instead of a burden.

This is the first time an author has merged contemporary transgenerational healing and traditional wisdom. This book reveals how modern therapy can benefit from mythological teachings, in line with the ancient maxim: Know Thyself.

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